‘Secretary’ re-release: Meet the original Mr. Grey

As you’d imagine, I own very few DVDs. The ones I do own are almost all because they are films, porn, or art performances made by friends. There is one huge Hollywood exception to this minimalist approach: the 2002 film Secretary. It was a gift from one of my best friends. When I saw Secretary all those years ago at a pre-release screening, I was blown away to see a mainstream film get something about outsider sexuality so right. And while the film didn’t exactly describe my fantasies, it was a huge turn-on nonetheless.

Yes: “Edward Grey” is the name of James Spader’s dominant executive character in Secretary. As the film 50 Shades preps to give theater chains across the U.S. visual herpes on Valentine’s Day, Lionsgate Films came up with a salve for our senses: they’re re-releasing Secretary on Digital HD and VOD on Jan. 27, adding both a brand new poster and really hot, recut trailer. Entertainment Weekly writes,

Long before Christian Grey introduced Anastasia Steele to a world of pain and pleasure, Edward Grey (James Spader) was the mild-looking boss with a taste for BDSM in the sexy 2002 comedy, Secretary. Maggie Gyllenhaal played his new employee, Lee, who improbably discovers that she’s in tune with Edward’s dark side.

I think I’ve been talked into liveblogging 50 Shades on release day (in the theater), so I’ll be doping up on whatever the box office equivalent of Valtrex is. Below is the original trailer for Secretary, and the exclusive on Secretary’s recut trailer is here — so go watch it :)

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  1. Secretary helped me overcome sexual trauma and become a sex writer and activist. It had a huge impact on my life — and I know I’m not alone. I’m thrilled to hear about this! Thanks for sharing, Violet.

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