The definitive guide to Game of Thrones sex workers (for now)

I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan (for all the right and wrong reasons, thank you), as many of you know by my posts here fanning all over the HBO series. Bacchus at Eros Blog pointed my attention in the direction of this truly epic and well-researched post by sex blogging OG Daze Reader, detailing the actors and roles of featured sex workers on the show.

A note to gentle readers: the post is called A Who’s Who of Whores in Game of Thrones. Sone of you don’t mind the word whore, some of you really do, and so I think it’s important to note Daze’s parenthetical about his choice in title:

A note on language: some other sites have made reference to “sex workers” of Game of Thrones. A more respectful term than “whores”, certainly, but it rings false for the fictional world portrayed in the show. As Ellaria Sand says when Olyver addresses her as “my lady”:

Oh, I’m not a lady.

A term of courtesy in this establishment.

A lie, anywhere. Why not use the right words? I’m a bastard. She is a whore. And you’re a, what, a procurer.

Bluntness has value. With all due respect to sex workers fictional and real, we’ll stick with “whores” here.

The post is a longread, an enjoyable one at that, and blessedly not limited to a single gender of worker. It reminded me how much I loved Oberyn’s speech in praise of male bisexuality, how much I adore Masie Dee‘s smile, and how much I miss Ros.

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