B-Classic: Dvořák – Symphony No. 9 Allegro con fuoco

Belgium based B-Classic has started The Classical Comeback Video: “a new music video format that gives classical music the same recognition as pop and rock music by combining the timeless emotion of classical music with the visual talent of a contemporary director.” It’s open to submissions. “The Classical Comeback is a creative format open to anyone” and they have just a few rules, such as submission length under five minutes.

Above is the first entry for the project, Dvořák – Symphony No. 9 Allegro con fuoco in E-Minor (From the new world – Smetana The Moldau IV Allegro con fuoco, Herbert Von Karajan & Wiener Philharmoniker, Deutsche Grammophone – Universal Music). It’s directed by Raf Reyntjens with choreography by Ari & Miu (Waveya). And, it has been making the rounds on blogs and linkbait sites without any of its interesting context or explanations. B-Classic tells us,

Raf Reyntjens shot B-classic’s first Classical Comeback video in South Korea. Where the local Wayeva group performed their unique choreography on Dvorak’s New World. Asia today is what America was 100 years ago: the new world. Great composers like Dvorak did write their music for everyone. Their goal was to give people a break, let them escape from reality and to move them.

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