The TinyNibbles Survey: Tell me what you want

If I had a newsletter, would you subscribe? Do you want to see Sex News post more often? Let me know in this short, anonymous TinyNibbles survey – seven quick questions and then we’re back to our regular sexy porny programming, with more of what you want.

Thank you for your clicks, your answers, your time and consideration and your sophisticated pervery. It’s because of you that I’m still here, in more ways than you know. <3

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  • Hug

    Have you seen Berry-go-round and similar blog recommends? Once a month a different blogger hosts a list of links to the most interesting/worthy/well-written/entertaining or whatever posts in that subject, for example anything botanical .

  • Trickleunder

    This survey is a very good idea !
    I send you a ginournous load of thanks for all you’re doing here ! I love it !