ESPN’s Bodies We Want 2013

Athletes show us what it looks like to do their chosen sport wearing only their birthday suits (and occasionally the absolute minimum of protective gear) in ESPN’s Bodies We Want 2013. We never see a nipple, and the only balls on show are part of competitive sports, but the skin on display is damn sexy – and we see just enough to get our fantasies out for a brisk jog. I love female dirt bike racer Tarah Gieger and female boxer Marlen Esparza; you’ll find you have favorites of your own if you have the time to page through the (annoying, clickfarm) page-by-page gallery.

Image above: Sydney Leroux, Forward, U.S National soccer team.

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  • Paul

    I did notice. I figured it was just a case of sexy overload and mistaken linkage.

  • Paul, you’re right – and you may have noticed that I had linked through to Miesha Tate’s image my case of mistaken identity . I’ve corrected the name and fixed the link.

  • Paul

    Not to nitpick, but that’s Sydney Leroux. The USWNT fan in me is offended on her behalf.