Lara Croft, cats and dolphins, and more: The incredible Andrew Lucas

A day ago, I was curating an Eye Candy post while I had some hacker friends hanging out in my living room; I put the imagery I was culling onto my big TV so everyone would have a nice distraction (and I could get input from the guys for a fresh perspective). I was screen sharing onto the MacBook I have running my TV, and when I came across an astonishing gallery collection from Russian photographer Andrew Lucas, we all stopped in our tracks to ogle the incredible visuals. It all started with his Animal Planet set…

Many of the photosets I love are from 2009, so these aren’t new – apologies if you’ve seen Andrew Lucas’ work before. But if you haven’t, do set some time aside to really take it all in. I put a few of my favorites in this post, but I’m barely scratching the surface here… This is his professional website. Enjoy.

Don’t miss this other gallery collection of his stunning work.

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  • His photographs are fantastic, but the Laura Croft series are what really drew my attention. I mean, she’s the ultimate adventurer’s wet dream…scholarly intellect, unwavering curiosity, steely ambition, fearless beyond reason, beautiful, wealthy, and with a proper British accent. Lucas managed to take an idea and render it to flesh…

    Thanks for passing the torch,