[Video] How to tie a Windsor Knot

These are two very helpful videos. How to tie a Windsor Knot and History of the Windsor Knot seem to have been pilots for a site that never launched. Shame, that…

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  • smiles


    For those that like Tie’s and knots here are some more of those kinds of vids
    This one is my fave for the kiss. It makes me smile.

    More knots

    Alexander Olch — Knot Yourself

    Oh just in case , If the mighty VioletBlue reads Thank you very much for your podcasts
    over the years. Im dyslexic and your podcasts reminded me its worth reading for fun.
    PS check out happybdsm.tumblr.com sex positive with a laugh.

  • none

    I found her online, it doesn’t seem that she’s doing other salivating-level work :(

  • Yes, please. Bow-tie next?

    (Except they forgot step zero: choose an appropriate tie. If the fabric is too thick / heavy, the knot will be huge and overly dominate the tie. If you want a symmetric knot with heavier fabric, go for a half-Windsor. Or if the tie’s too short… The Windsor takes quite a bit of length.)