[Video] Next Media Animation reports on android sex workers

For the uninitiated, Next Media Animation is a Taiwanese animated news outlet that covers just about anything and everything, and focuses on the item of the day it thinks is bound to be the most viral. Viewers count on quite a bit getting lost in translation, resulting in bizarrely humorous retellings of current events that can be hit or miss. Anyway, NMA has been a bit of a cult internet thing for a few years now.

Back on April 17th I pointed you to a journal paper on android sex workers and the automation of sex tourism. Five days later NMA delivered its take on the item (above)… with the usual results in Android brothels: robot prostitutes could replace humans by 2050.

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  1. No question. When the robots get good enough, and the price point is right, maybe the cost of a lap dance or two, they’ll be very competitive with real people. I think the surprise will be that there will be a substantial market for male androids among women as well as gay men. Maybe couples will find them to be an easy way to satisfy their three-way fantasies. They might even be useful for sex ed and/or porn, perhaps simulating soft swinging. The big unknown is if they will catch on among lesbians.

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