FriXion: Haptic technology and remote sex devs seek beta testers and funding

In the current resurgent wave of teledildonics, fledgling erotic tech entrepreneurs FriXion are looking for investors.

Refreshingly, FriXion is aimed to be configurable to any gender or orientation, and its goal is to come in at relatively affordable for a sci-fi sex toy: they claim it will cost around $200 for consumers. Interestingly, FriXion is open platform and provides an API to encourage any developers to create new FriXion plugins for any devices (new or existing).

What is it? According to their own description it looks to be a live (or recordable) “real-time bidirectional force feedback telemetry” Internet sex toy, primed to be compatible with the Vstroker, Fleshlight and Tenga plus solo or multiplayer games with the videos and games already encoded into FriXion.

It “uses real-time bidirectional force feedback to provide its users with a feeling of true organic intimacy and with the use of Telemetry Translation API all devices can interact with each other (where their functionalities overlap) – using your mouse, keyboard, smart phone or FriXion’s very own V2 wristband you can control a device on any computer, whether it be it one or many.”

I’m intrigued. I’ll be watching this one. There’s an interview with the FriXion team in PC Authority’s article, FriXion and the future of connected sex.

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