G-Spot: The Musical

I really hope that someday soon, someone makes “G-Spot: The Musical.” I imagine it could be like the Buffy: The Musical episode. In it, G-spots are magically hexed to make people sing and dance when they’re stimulated, and of course few people believe they exist – except for a few clever and nerdy girls and guys that solve the mystery al la Scooby Gang. It takes several saucy musical numbers to get there, of course.

That little priestess of pleasure has turned into one helluva drama queen over the years, what with the seemingly constant now-you-see-her, now-you-don’t in the press. I mean, what spot in the human body has more nerve endings than any point, anywhere? That’s right: the clitoris. What spot on the human body is made of more pure drama in the media than any other? That’s right: the G-spot.

When I wrote and researched and did more for the new 2nd edition of Smart Girl’s Guide to the G-Spot, part of my impetus was to cut through all the bullshit: some say it exists, some say it doesn’t exist; some say it can’t squirt, some say it spurts liquid Kryptonite. (I also wanted to deliver a decidedly non-hippie guidebook to igniting le girlgasms.)

But no one will forget G-day – it was in January, 2010. A few years back, we had all felt fine and confident about our G-spots being right where we left them, and then some doofus with a “Dr.” in front of their name said there was no such thing as a G-spot. Esteemed sources of journalism like the Daily Mail screamed holy crap, there is no G-spot, they’re going to make us ration tea!!! We ladies woke up and were a bit flummoxed. It was like I’d forgotten where I parked my car, but it really felt more like the sexual identity equivalent of leaving my baby in a cafe and having News Corp. find it.

In response, I wrote I’m In UR internets Findin’ UR G-Spots. Meanwhile, XKCD blamed it on solar cell researchers.

Click to read; solar cell researchers to blame for recent g-spot study, by XKCD.

Turns out it was all bullshit, as we knew it, though it was never formally debunked.

This week, we have a twist on the saga of the G-spot. A study was just published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine May 2012 in the Anatomy/Physiology section – G-Spot Anatomy: A New Discovery.

Now, a lot of people are up in arms about this. Me, I’m rather stoked.

You see, while the title is “new discovery” – the aim was to identify and document the G-spot. Look closely and you’ll see that the main point, if the only point, is to say “the G-spot damn well fucking exists.”

That was the doc’s intention. Dr. Adam Ostrzenski, a surgeon and retired professor of gynecology, who now practices “cosmetic gynecology” in St. Petersburg, thinks that the decades of G-spot debate, “should be resolved.”

Naturally, some other people with “Dr.” in front of the names are saying it’s “speculation.”

Media is making all manner of hay while the sun(spot) is shining, and in light of the fact that some credentialed people still insist the G-spot is “on spec” I think some good-intended people are missing the point.

Yes, the study could be focused on sexual pleasure, reactiveness, be on younger tissues, etc. etc. But you have to have this study before you can do the rest. Research on sexual pleasure is hard to come by – academia focuses on only just sexual function. Well, they don’t do pleasure research with adequate support and good funding and without a ginormous struggle, anyway. See how long it took to map a female orgasm in MRI? That was only last August.

At any rate, while you dismantle the electronic alarm system you put on your G-spot two years ago, check out everyone’s reactions to the Journal report. Some are strangely butthurt, some are rational, some are just depressingly negative. These are just from today:

  • “Such a study would have the potential to be a serious game changer in the field of sex research. Except—in my opinion—it didn’t accomplish that.” Don’t Believe the G-Spot Hype! (The Daily Beast)
  • “Dr. Adam Ostrzenski, a surgeon and retired professor of gynecology, who now practices “cosmetic gynecology” in St. Petersburg, reports in an article in the Journal of Sexual Medicine today that he found the G-spot in an 83-year-old Polish woman. “Vitals – Doc claims he’s found the G-spot (MSNBC)
  • “The news sites are all a-flutter with the latest news! A doctor has finally found the G-spot! [Insert your favorite joke about it being about time that a man figured out where it is. I’m getting tired of them.] This isn’t the first time that science has flip-flopped on this.” Now You See It, Now You Don’t: What’s Going On With The G-spot? (Charlie Glickman)
  • “This post focuses on research reported today on the discovery of the g-spot. Over the past three years there have been papers published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine claiming to have proved or disproved the presence of a g-spot in cis women. Today we will see this story repeat itself. This time claiming that women definitively DO have a g-spot.” G-spot discovery, medicalization and media hype (Dr. Petra)

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  1. Why all the hate for scientists? I’m surprised, as many, if not most, scientists are fighting the good fight – they’re on your side.

    Having said that, there’s still no compelling evidence that there is a specific and distinct organ in women that is the g-spot. This doesn’t invalidate the experiences of the many women who report extreme pleasure when having that region of the vagina stimulated. It could be that in these women the back side of the clitoris is being stimulated; it could also be that there is an increased density of nerve endings (touch receptors) in that region.

  2. The G-spot I *might* have found, once or twice (my partner thought so), but the second edition of the book, no such luck. The Amazon link above is to the first edition. Has the 2e actually appeared yet?

  3. Felt compelled to add my two cents…
    I can’t get off without penetration; my clit is way too sensitive for anything more than light, indirect stimulation, so I rely on g-spot stimulation for all my orgasms.
    And I squirt.
    Screw you, “science,” I’m going to have my fun.

  4. Please excuse me while I laugh, and then fondly reminisce about the many times I’ve lain between a lover’s legs faithfully stroking that spot as she insisted that I keep doing Exactly as I was doing, without cease or variation. *sings* “I’m in love, ooooh, I’m a believer…”

  5. It’s not like we’re trying to find a planet on the opposite side of the sun using the effect of fluctuations of gravity on the sun’s gamma radiation to paint a picture of it by triangulating…. you get where I’m going here.

    Step 1: ask a woman, “Hey, is there a spot on the anterior wall of your vagina that feels awesome when stimulated?
    Step 2:… there is no step two, unless you have to count “listening to what she has to say” as a step. Apparently for some that’s not only a step, but an unformulated theory not wholly understood.

  6. Dear Violet,

    I can barely fathom the notion that, in this SECOND decade of the 21st century, supposedly “learned” individuals are in g-spot denial. By extension, that means that an uncounted multitude must thus believe the same thing. And so the butthrtedness spreads like a fanged plague.

    From personal experience, and a great deal of finger fumbling, I can safely say that such an organ exists. For the patient and open-minded male, it’s like riding a bicycle: once one finds the g-spot, it isn’t too arduous to locate her again. And again. And again.

    My trust in you is such that you’ll agree anything that issues from the jowls of The Daily Beast (which as we all know, is Tina Brown’s little pet) is but a single drop in the comprehensive ocean of modern ignorance.

    Stay wonderful, Violet.

    Gaj Qubic

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