Amazing Photos From Inside A Chinese Condom Factory (Complete)

A worker places condoms onto a packaging belt at the Chinese condom manufacturer Safedom's factory

This is one of those instances where it really pays to track down the story source. And these photos taken inside a Chinese condom factory require explanation – as well as the interesting story behind Reuters’ visit inside the Safedom condom factory in China on February 6. Buzzfeed has a big post up today with most of the photos and no explanation or timestamp, and it took me some tracking to find out what’s going on here and why. I hate it when people post sex items and just leave us guessing…

To see all of the compelling photos from inside a Chinese condom factory taken this month – with captions explaining what is is each photo and all of the photos, visit How Are Condoms Made? Manufacture of Chinese ‘Safedom Condoms’ (International Business Times).

To read the full story as to what happened when Reuters visited the factory just before Valentine’s Day, read The long and the short of it by David Grey (Photographers Blog, Reuters).


(…) Safedom turned its back on the low-margin, guaranteed-business sales to the Chinese government’s family planning program 11 months ago, and decided to shift to where the money is: the higher end of the general public market.

Claiming to be the fourth-largest condom maker in China by revenue, after three foreign brands [VB note: Safedom sold over 200 million condoms in 2011], they are hoping to sell one billion condoms this year with the launch of its “Take Me” condom, aimed at women consumers, and partnerships with French, Italian, German and UK condom makers. (…read more,

Researcher Wang Tingting gives a demonstration using colored dyes that claims to show how Safedom's condoms prevent the transmission of the Hepatitis B virus at a factory in Zhaoyuan, 100 kilometers south Yantai, in Shandong Province February 6, 2012.

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  1. Where do they manufacture the condoms sold in the US? What with China’s safety record, I would worry about genital-based lead poisoning from these. And it seems like that washing machine-like cleaning could cause unnecessary wear and damage to the latex.

  2. I found funny in an ironic way naming a condom brand “ardour”… Although it may be sinonym of passion, it can also be a sinonym of a skin irritation or a rash…

    I would personally avoid any condom that promises me “ardours”.

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