Scenes From A Taste of Rope

Last night I experienced A Taste of Rope, an evening of bondage and wine tasting, as a benefit for Femina Potens. It took place in a large San Francisco Victorian nestled in a neighborhood you wouldn’t suspect held a pocket of opulence and kink, and was attended by FP supporters, professional fetish and BDSM models and a number of top-rung adult kink performers. Playfully formal, service submissives clad in next-to-nothing waited on guests while pouring wine and non-alcoholic beverages.

Several ‘courses’ were orchestrated throughout the evening where wine was tasted and sampled as guests were free to try out and experiment with a surprisingly large and varied selection of bondage ropes from makers around the world. I’m vowing next time to get tied up to at least try the different ropes, rather than take photos – alas, last night I was press. I’m also vowing – for next time – to learn a few knots so I can put down the camera and take advantage of the service submissives. No matter that I didn’t try much; the attendees were having so much fun I had to scramble to capture the action.

In the gallery you’ll see handsome Jack Hammer, glowing Madison Young, James Mogul, Maxine Holloway (of the amazing The Woman’s POV), Amber Keen and more.

This was my first day (night) with my new camera, and I was using its pre-programmed low-light setting. Many instances were simply too dark to take photographs, but I took them anyway, and I think the images came out remarkably well all things considered…

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