Latex Couture – Westward Bound’s 2012 Femme-A-Licious Collection Now Available

For their 2012 collection (video preview above), UK designers Westward Bound have pulled out all the stops with their new 2012 Femme-A-Licious Collection and show why they’re one of the top latex couture houses in the world. Corsets with clever attention to detail, mitts and glovelets too cute to pass up, fascinators and veils, stunning classic dresses and undergarments remixed, and a raft of sexy outfits I’d even wear to tech holiday parties rather than fetish events. It’s a fantastic collection, and even though these models have model-bodies, I’m noting shapes and waistline details that mean these designs are set to fit and compliment a range of body sizes. Bravo!

I spotted the new collection on my friend 3XL’s blog Lust, Love, Latex – he writes,

This new collection has over 84 outfits that will cover all tastes (…) Westward Bound, who has been known for more simple latex fashion designs at a low cost, have certainly raised the bar with this new collection. It’s quite easy to find something exciting, beautiful and that suits everybody’s taste.

And the good news doesn’t stop here! For a limited period of time you can get 20% off on prices shown if you quote “ATTX20″ on your purchase.

Look for a few hot designs in a gallery after the jump.

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  • rob

    I have never found latex particularly exciting but some of Westward Bounds clothing is very sexy, especialy the dresses.