[Video] Lelo’s SenseMotion – The Mating Dance

The above video looks quite silly – especially if you haven’t yet tried Lelo’s new SenseMotion vibrators. I was lucky enough to have Lelo send me one before they hit the market (sadly, not lucky enough to get one in my preferred gothy black!) and it’s really impressive. It’s a very technologically sophisticated toy that is also incredibly simple and easy to use. In the video, the female partner is ‘wearing’ one of the insertable toys – likely the Tiani, where one smooth end rests inside the vagina while the thumb-like vibrating end holds itself in place with clitoral pressure. The medical grade silicone is silky, non-porous, body-safe and retains body heat really well.

Each SenseMotion vibe is controlled by remote with a little disk like the one the male partner in the video is waving around. By turning, shaking and doing various hand gestures with the disk, the vibrator increases, decreases and can go through a range of pulses and programs ranging from steady buzz to a gradual roller coaster, to a thump-thump in varying degrees. It can also be operated in manual mode, by pressing the recessed buttons. The one they sent me is the Tiani and it’s pretty damn fabulous; a girl can actually ‘wear’ it discreetly and walk around. It’s not as quiet as I’d like (though it’s the quietest remote vibe I’ve encountered – most remote-control vibes sound like angry hungover lawnmowers), and I think it could be worn in a club or loud party with no one the wiser. But maybe not the male version. Because the guy might squeal, or faint. I mean, I’d like to find out…

Thanks to Lelo for sending me one! (And props to Babeland for upselling the Tiani with donations for breast cancer survivors.) Oh how I love technology… :D

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  • So yours worked ok? I received one as well; myself and a few other reviewers had a LOT of problems with the SenseMotion. I’m almost tempted to see if it’s a defect and see if Lelo will replace it (I doubt it though, since it was a review item). I do want to see a cool techy vibe that actually works so I’m hoping that we just received a bad batch or something.

  • Glad you liked it. I don’t usually post reviews anymore (it’s almost a little too personal for me), so I’m glad for the positive feedback.

    I’m excited about the direction with toys right now too. I’m hoping that technology and design will do for sex toys what Apple did for phones, tablets and laptops… :)

  • Falbert

    Thanks for the article and links, Violet.

    It’s great that technology is finally reaching the point where beautiful and very highly functional toys are going to give all of us a new look at our sexualities, and hopefully, lead to even more use and openness about sex.