Autocorrect Is Dirty (via Damn You Autocorrect)

Damn You Autocorrect Seattle

It’s really funny to think about how hard Apple is trying to maintain a sanitized, childrenized environment in its universe – when you look at how many entries on Damn You Autocorrect are explicit and raunchy. It was a gentle nod from Eros Blog that tipped me off to the scope of Apple’s creative depravity and its unwitting vectors/victims: my conclusion is that the iPhone makes life filthier, it seems, and certainly much dirtier than ever before. I have an Android because I don’t need filthy text training, thankyouverymuch.

Visit the blog and try not to collapse from laughing. I wanted to show you a very funny few of the (many) inadvertently sex themed Autocorrect FAILs to get you started…

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  1. @Bacchus: The premise of Violet’s post is that Apple won’t sell you porn, but its AutoCorrect dirties iDevices up. If you want to mock them for these lulz, it does matter whether AutoCorrect did them or not. But maybe I’m just bitter that I can’t get AutoCorrect to assist me in typing my penis jokes.

  2. Yup, Harold, you do. But of course that’s true about every mother-loving thing you’ll ever see posted to the internet for our amusement.

    At the end of the day and after most of a decade of blogging stuff like this, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the amusement that matters. And stumbling over this site gave me my first-for-a-long-time genuine laugh-out-loud until I can’t breath moment. Against that, I find I’m not too worried about the questions of “did these really happen?” versus “did somebody creatively amuse me?”

  3. LOL…

    I remember long before autocorrect when people had to rely on typos like “fagile emotions” happening naturally. (That was back when people thought “fagile emotions” was a hilarious thing to attribute to oneself, sadly >.>)

    Though the last of these might be on to something… ^.^

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