[Video] Exacting and Exquisite Foot Locker Spanking Ad

This is a Foot Locker ad with an astounding depiction of playful and specific fetishes (spanking, shoe), with a male submissive and female dominant – I love the way she is dressed. I love the way he reacts. This is hot. Love it, Foot Locker. I’m guessing you’ll agree: ads that feature sex don’t need to have T&A, lingerie, or anything NSFW to be incredibly dirty, very hot and quite effective. All about the biggest sex organ, our brains. From the UK, yet directed by California-based The Perlorian Brothers. (Thanks Daniel!)

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  1. now this is the kind of late night commercial i’d like to see in my 3am haze!

    my grandmother had a theory that commercials moved lower down the body as the day went on. i think fully dressed open-minded sex positive commercials should be on all the time of course. thanks for this! xo jojo, burlesque poetess

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