TSA LOL: Japanese TV Comedy Skit Does TSA Pervery

One Videosift commenter put it best: “Something’s seriously amiss when Japan can make fun of someone else for being too pervy…”

About a month ago, a Japanese TV show did a Benny Hill style sendup of our new TSA regulations. It hit a few spots online before I caught it, notably The Daily Beast, but it is now making a re-climb up the video charts. Contains panties, cameltoe, filthiness and lots of laughs. I’m not sure which show this is, but the video has a lot of known Japanese names in it such as famous comedian Ken Shimura (the old TSA agent) and the last character, who is Japanese adult performer Mihiro Taniguchi (the first two sexy women are Gravure Idols Jun Natsukawa and Emi Kobayashi). The video is really well done, and we don’t need to know Japanese to understand all the elements at play here. Love it! (Thanks Daniel!)

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