It’s Time For Top Ten Sexy Geek Nominations!

Fuck Yeah Geek Girls

It’s that time: tell me who the top ten sexiest geeks should be for 2011!

These are the reigning Top Ten Sexy Geeks 2010. Can you feel the heat!? The sizzle of all those brains!?

I’ll be posting the Top Ten Sexy Geeks of 2011 on December 20, 2011. So now – the always-surprising, sexy geek blush inducing, server-smokin’ list is back. Every year since 2005, we get ten more gorgeous and brilliant crowd-sourced sexy geeks = life is good. I’ve been keeping a private list all year of geeks I think are hot, but this is only to supplement what you send me. I’ve been watching all year… So, have you –

Seen a hottie execute some heart-pounding code-fu? Have you been admiring a builder, scaler, or app writin’ babe you feel is unsung for their mad skillz and nerdy sex appeal? Heard of a sexpot who speaks all the romance languages (you know the ones, Ruby, etc.), built their site from the ground up, or is lurking like an evil mastermind behind a badass startup or tech blog? I do personally handpick the list, but I base it on *your* nominations every year.

Now’s the time to let me know: violet at tinynibbles dot com — also, you can Tweet your nominations @violetblue, or leave suggestions in the comments below (I approve anons, yo). I do all the research, but any links you send along help.

There have been all kinds of tech nerds/geeks on the list every year. We’ve had NASA engineers, cyberlawyers, hardware hackers, tech writers, developers – think outside the Tweet to uncover the fierce and delicious people who support, fuel, innovate and participate in Internet culture.

Lube up your browser and nominate anyone who is:

* Smart, nerdy and HOT.
* Has done something really amazing this year in tech, and you just totally realized is also irresistibly sexy.
* Someone known for being hot, but has hardcore geek cred that no one seems to notice.
* The total Unsung Hottie in your dev group.
* Tech bloggers or nerds you just want to point at and go, OMG hw4t!
* I keep the list gender balanced, but all genders and LGBT noms are *especially* encouraged. I also strive for racial diversity, partly because I’m sick of going to all these tech parties that are full of rich white people.

And, as always – single or not, it’s all in fun. There have been hot couples on the list more than once.

Not anyone with ten thousand followers qualifies for being a sexy geek. This list is about hotness with credibility. This is not what gets someone on the list – please, no:

* Celebrities, especially Hollywood ones and empty Twitterati.
* “Hot” chicks who do tech PR – and that is all they do. Write a line of code? Okay. Write a press release? Nope.
* Babes who pose in bikinis with video game themed accessories (sorry Girls of Nerdcore — though I do love my geek-flavored cheesecake).
* Models and actors who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.
* Anyone I have had sex with. Sorry! (Okay, I was only sorry once. But it was *after* I made the list, okay?!)
* Babes, sex workers, “studs” or porn performers with “geek” and “nerd” plastered all over their paysites, with nothing to back it up.
* People who are cute, but no one seems to know why they have geek cred.

Also disqualified: anyone who’s already been on this list in a previous year.

So… Who should be on the list?

Image from andsoitisjustlikeyousaid via Fuck Yeah Geek Girls.

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  1. Without a doubt: Hands and lips down: Camille Crimson. This Geektress has simply elevated the blowjob to new heights and has managed to combine the great old fashioned blow job with the new high tech world of digital media in a way that marks her as the Queen of All Media.

    If they handed out awards for simultaneously giving oral to a penis and a T1 line this gal would be the Katherine Hepburn of online porn.

  2. I would like to nominate Aubrey Anderson, the founder and CTO of Particle Programmatic, a San Francisco-based tech company that makes “massively small products that shorten the distance between the internet and awesome”. He looks like a rocker, dresses like a William Gibson hero, and get’s flown to Japan to advise certain mobile companies how to be cool about the inter-webs….um HOT. A champion for HTML 5, at recent Google conferences he actually got advertising people all wet about the future of coding- quite the accomplishment.
    And in full disclosure: we are engaged, so sorry ladies!
    Anyway, check him out- I have ;)
    His company:
    Aubrey in the a recent issue of Nikkei (the Japanese version of the wall street Journal):
    Aubrey in Wired for a re-release of his shoegazer band’s album:

    Kisses to you Miss Violet Blue!

  3. I’d like to nominate two members from a local Australian band called ‘The Needs’ (Just ’cause we’re aussie doesn’t mean we can’t be geeks… and sexy too!)

    Specifically I’d like to nominate Adam Drum (left) and Jamie Thwaites (right)!/photo.php?fbid=173479969344930&set=a.173479966011597.46778.151192091573718

    Adam is witty and charismatic while Jamie has awesomely long hair and sweet programming skills. Their passion for geekdom and music I think puts them both up as viable candidates for the top ten sexiest geeks.

    If you would like to know more, they both have facebook pages as well as their band.

  4. Two nominations for you:

    I have got to nominate @jof for this one. Not only is he super sexy, but he’s a true geek at heart. He is also my boyfriend, so yes, I am bias. However, he does a ton of work to keep Noisebridge up and running (he is their appointed Executive Director) and is constantly working on cool geeky projects, such as building out a the HInternet (a fast and free internet):

    Most recently, he made a gingerbread house “love shack” which included a programmable LED heart to adorn the house of debauchery (photo: How awesome is that!

    In addition, if Jeri Ellsworth has not already been on the list, she is very deserving.

    Good luck to all the nominees!

  5. I’d like to nominate Camille Crimson, producer and co-performer (with her partner) on her inspirational website The Art of Blowjob: She’s incredibly sexy, witty, sensitive, and a real geek. Coder, gamer, web designer, blogger, and of course a Mac devotee. Camille is exactly what you’d crave a sexy geek to be; passionate about her art, passionate about technology, passionate about us.

  6. I have to nominate Camille Crimson!!

    Fantastically sexy red head. The kind of girl that will hook you with her words as easily as a with an intriguing glimmer from across the room.

    She’s “a coder, a web designer, a photo/video editing geek, a Sci-Fi/zombie aficionado, a gamer and a Mac evangelist, I think I’m more than just a surface geek… geek to the core.”

    Irrefutably worthy.

  7. I want to nominate Mary Roach, the author of _Bonk_ a popular science book about sex, sex research, and sex researchers. Not only is she a total geek, and totally hot, she also convinced her husband to have sex with her in an MRI machine, while a scientist watched them, all in the name of science.

    She’s my geek-momma crush.

  8. I’d like to nominate Jake Humphrey, presenter of the British BBC Formula One coverage. Since taking over coverage from rival channel ITV, Jake and the BBC have innovated the format and presentation of F1. Jake in particular has done a spectacular job with his Twitter, blog and his video blog segments. His charm and his on-screen magnetism also make him one of the best bits of watching TV on a Sunday afternoon :-)

    I’d also like to nominate F1’s Rob Smedley, Felipe Massa’s race engineer at Ferreri. He’s become particularly famous for his radio transmissions to Massa, for being candid, for exposing a wonderful driver-engineer camaraderie, and his lovely north-eastern British accent.

  9. I would like to nominate myself, being both a burlesque performance artist with a queer sense of sexy, as well as being the Resident Geek amongst my arts compatriots especially in Brisbane. I’ve helped launched a few careers by helping others work out the Internet for their marketing & research needs. Also yay sexy geeks!

    Has Jiz Lee been on the list already?

  10. I have two nominations. The first is a “duh/obvious” one; Jeri Ellesworth. She’s cute and she makes engineering magic. She’s a total geekbabe. My second nomination is Janeen McCrae, the noodleator. She’s an author, blogger, rider and inspiration. She’s also appears to be totally cute. Check out the her ride across the country on a bicycle that was tweeting it’s location, speed, etc. as she traveled.

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