On ZDNet/CBSi: Facebook Vs. Faceporn and Adult Social Media

Violet Blue on ZDNet

Facebook and adult social networking: A dream that’s all wet” is well worth reading. It’s also my first post for ZDNet, and I’d like to encourage you to please click over and say hi — I am indeed the new writer people were whispering about, and I’m really excited to be writing with this salty crew. You’ll see when you read my article that they’re really letting me be myself, and that’s either dangerous or amazing for everyone involved…

This was a story I could really sink my teeth into: two weeks ago Facebook filed suit against Faceporn.com, ignoring the other “Facebook of Sex” sites. On ZDNet (CBSi) I join the guys on Tech Broiler and take a look at why anyone would want to join an adult social network — and what a real Facebook-for-sex would be like. It’s sharp, it’s funny and it’s a really biting take on Facebook’s privacy issues, as well as Facebook’s own well-known, conflicted and non-transparent issues with sex and porn. Share the link, and send me tips! Check it out:

(…) My intention is for Violet to add some badly-needed “spice” to our frequently bland tech topics and continue the tradition of edginess which until now, has had a very male-oriented spin. For her first ZDNet article, Violet will be discussing recent developments with Faceporn, a new adult-oriented social network that is now at legal loggerheads with FaceBook — Jason.

How many times have you been stuck in the rat’s maze of Facebook profile settings and thought, “This is such a turn-on. I can’t believe that no one has made a porn version of Facebook, because surely this pleasure must be taken to the next level”?

Many times, we’re sure. As it happens, you’re not alone.

One website, Faceporn (Faceporn.com), decided that the constant stress of agonizing over personal privacy in social networks was going to be the next “Behind The Green Door” for our generations. Billing itself as “the number one socializing porn and sex network,” the site aimed to create an X-rated social network, taking the literal “face book” concept to one of “face porn” which actually sounds a lot less appealing. They launched in April 2009.

Unfortunately for them, and everyone else with a Facebook fetish, Facebook did not like this very much.(…read more, zdnet.com)

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  1. Excellent article, and even greater ideas concerning an adult social network. After your personal debacle with Face book, also connected to your great chat at the Google Tech Talk, golly Miss Blue, Is there no way you would consider starting up, with the many tech helpers you surely have, an adult social network that meets the criteria you so eloquently spoke of? Just a thought.

    I too have avoided Face book like the plague, for all the aforementioned problems that others have pointed out and experienced, such as yourself, so I think it would be grand if your experience could be brought to bear to create just such a responsible social networking site. Could be fun, educational, and everything the others promised and did not deliver.

    Good Luck at ZDnet. Another fine reason to go there

  2. Great start to your new column. I look forward to more. Too bad the faceporn people didn’t bother to read up on trademark law before choosing a name.. it’s amazing how many companies fail to consider the legal ramifications of piggybacking on the success of someone else’s corporate identity.

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