Techyum Is Back With A Vengeance

Many of you will remember when I launched the tech blog Techyum a few years ago; it ran like a dream until a server issue put it on hiatus. As of this week, we’re back and feature the blogging talents of Thomas Roche, dotBen and myself, along with upcoming mystery guest bloggers.

Stop by and say hi; we’re having a lot of fun. Too much fun. Techyum is now running like a dream on the amazing new invention that is WPEngine, which I can’t recommend highly enough. It’s the ideal hosting solution, finally. Very secure, too. WPE was created by adorable kittens armed with chainsaws, and will give you ninja skills. Seriously: thank you, WPEngine. You guys can stay on my couch anytime.

Image from my latest post, Your Fucking Social Media Strategy, Automated.

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