Americans: How Anal is Your State?

Before I unpack the OkCupid post about sexual activity, phone types and taking self-portraits that could get you laid — and all the media hype* it’s generating — I’d like to show you the graphic that made my day: Back Door Play: Which State is the Most Anal?.

Oh, Alaska! We never knew you!

My friends at MyPleasure (they of the I-could-marry-it Fairy Mini Wand/USB) put together their sales data on sales of anal toys by state, and gave us this very interesting map. How does your state size up? Is this a case of “free your data and your ass will follow”? Either way, it feeds my twin fetishes of sex data nerdery and infographics/data visualization. I have other fetishes, but those two are up there for me with, like, shoes and corsets and smartphones.

MyPleasure also have a nifty Sex Dice app for iPhone and Android.

* Quantity is not quality, dear readers. I am, after all, an Android-using fembot.

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  1. I suspect that Alaska wins because of mail-order, as this is a survey of people who bought anal toys shipped from specific outlets. The reason Washington gets a frowney is because we don’t have to buy mail-order, we have The Crypt and Babeland.

    Hell, my toybox alone could get me arrested in Texas… twice!

  2. From an anal-ytical perspective, all this really means is that people in Alaska do a lot of internets shopping for their anal toys compared with other acquisition or borrowing options.
    However, a more controlled procedure could be performed with some stimulus funds.

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