The Making of RealDolls: “Honey Pie” Mini-Documentary With Doll Creator Matt McMullen

You must watch this. It’s 3:30 am and I have to post Honey Pie. This mini-documentary spends time with Matt McMullen, the original creator, sculptor and visionary of the legendary life-like (and globally-imitated) sex dolls, RealDoll. These silicone humanoids have changed personal sex culture and popular sex culture in ways we have yet to interpret, and are the fuel for every robot-lover’s sci-fi gynoid (fembot) fantasy. Made by incredible emergent documentary powerhouse California Is A Place, this must-see mini-doc and personal tour shows us everything, shies away form nothing, and even captures McMullen talking about how he plays with robotocizing RealDolls “every day” and states unequivocally that we are very close to seeing computerized RealDolls. SO COOL.

California Is A Place has a killer blog with lots of video (and odd doll numbers) that I can’t recommend high enough, including a few more interesting, short RealDoll video snips.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I have seen a full-length documentary a few years ago about the Real Dolls and some of the customers who bought them. This is a fascinating subject, in particular from a cultural point of view, as you say. The people willing to share some of their story are very brave, this area of sexuality is misunderstood and due to that, remains secretive and shameful. The artistry behind the creation of these Dolls is quite astounding.

  2. breathtaking…

    this dolls seems like something out of the iRobot movie; they are so realistic. i could definitely see why someone would want the have a ‘Real Doll’ and i’m not even into dolls…or at least i wasn’t ;). props to this Doll master.

    thanks for sharing…

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