The World Cup is many things to many people

The World Cup is this weekend. In this ad by Duval Guillaume for Belgium’s Channel Two (via Adrants), they seem to be suggesting that during the World Cup, ladies might need to find some way to amuse themselves while the lads cheer for their favorite footballers. Articles about World Cup Widows and “chick flicks” this weekend chime in on this assumption as well.

Well, some see dust while I see smoke. I’d like to think the ad suggests something else entirely about how women might be readying for the World Cup. Like: no lads + lots of this should equal plenty of smoking vibes, indeed.

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  1. @ violet
    My guess is that you’re beating England to Cristiano Ronaldo. :)

    slightly off-topic…
    I just gave thought to the idea that AT&T dropped their unlimited data plan because of the amount of people watching the Cup on their phones. It was the TV ads encouraging people to do just that that made my light bulb go off.

  2. shows you what the hell I know about sports. Footballers = hot. I just care how their cocks look on this month’s cover of Esquire. I’m THAT simple.

    I will do my best to beat England all weekend long. thanks for the suggestion! ;)

  3. “The World Cup is this weekend.”
    [soccer nerd]
    Ahem, the World Cup starts this weekend (beginning tomorrow), but it goes on for the next month. :)
    [/soccer nerd]

    I know many ladies who will be cheering along side the lads.
    C’mon boys! Beat England!

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