Shooter Action Game “Privates” Lets You Kill STDs In 3D

I really want to play this game! Privates is set to be a 3D twin-stick shooter game where players are part of a condom-helmetted troop of microscopic British-accented Marines who have to invade and wage war against all manner of STDs and STIs — in all the places one might find these enemy invaders. They just released the game trailer (above) last week and it looks really slick and really funny. Well done, Zombie Cow Studios! Privates was announced in early May and isn’t out yet, but it will be available for PC and Xbox360 download. Here’s their press release, and a little PR snip:

That’s right! Zombie Cow Studios is proud to announce we’ve gone all futuristic and 3D with Privates, a funky little game about tiny little condom-hatted marines going right up peoples’ rude areas and shooting all the nasty chompy things that tend to live there if you’ve been carelessly putting bits of yourself in silly places.

(…) There’s more to come very soon, including trailers and screenshots of the unpleasantly-brown levels. You know why. (…read more,, via hiohmegan)

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