Sex and Tech Quickies

If you scan tech news, you may have already seen these. Two Monday highlights:

* When Jobs made the FaceTime announcement I got about a dozen emails from people about how this would be the new porning of the Apple line. You were oh so right, as yesterday one tech blog not shockingly came across a Craigslist jobs post for FaceTime camgirls (hey it’s a free iPhone 4) and the beginning of a new porn genre. (,,

* I blogged a bit last week about the .XXX domain getting pushed through by ICANN and Wired’s Ryan Singel has an interesting angle on it — like the rest of us, he thinks it’ll be a non-event. I spent the better part of my weekend working on my book deadlines and researching the .XXX people, so expect a feature from me with surprises on this near the ned of this week. (

Image: Screenshots for iPhone app “Artistic Nudes” by sant123.

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