Erotica for couples: Call for submissions

Blink and you’ll miss this window: I just got word that I’m greenlighted on a new erotic anthology for hetero couples — it’s the first one in ages that is not written *only* by women so the call is open to authors of all genders. The turnaround this time is extremely fast. For me it is somewhat desirable for the call to be so quick and dirty: since I usually get hundreds of high quality stories when I work on books, the time frame may stem the amount of submissions.

Call for Submissions:

Title: TBA
Editor: Violet Blue
Publisher: Cleis Press
Deadline: June 22th, 2010

Please note: Publisher has final right of refusal on all submissions. Payment is upon publication, plus 2 copies of the book; pub date is TBA, 2011.

The book is specific in its style, so finding stories that are the right fit is key. The book will aim to be somewhat in the style of my other books for couples Sweet Love (just won Gold award for Erotica 2010) and Sweet Life (sold out within three months of publication) — both are short story collections for couples, explicit erotica. The main theme is couples that are in love trying out their first-time sexual fantasies together. For this genre, realistic experimentation is the name of the games (sometimes the couples are indeed playing sex games with each other) and while intense fantasies are a fit, dark sad or noir fantasies are not a fit (sorry no breakup, jealousy, infidelity or death). word count is 2-3500 words, and I’d need stories for my final considerations by the 22nd. Yes, this June 22nd.

Established authors and newcomers alike are welcome.

Desired themes include: Couple’s sexual fantasies and experiences of all kinds, such as taboo sex acts, fantasy scenarios (real or imagined), bondage, fetish, male anal penetration (such as strap-on play), first-time experiences, light S/M, exhibitionism, power-play, voyeurism, public sex, seduction, role-play, spontaneous sex, spanking, erotic punishment, sexual surprise, emotional honesty, desire, longing, lust, passion, female fierceness, power (and power struggles), deviousness, meaning, themes that involve the Internet and technology, and sublime humor. Above all, include explicit sex.

Paste your story submissions into emails and send to: cleisbook at

Editor’s notes: If you send an attachment, I will delete your email immediately. I am not accepting paper submissions. Only three submissions per author. I can’t respond to queries right now, I’m sorry.

You must include your name, a short bio, mailing address and main contact email address with your submission.

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  1. I think this came and went. Is there an update like, “Hey, I received all your submissions! Thanks everyone. Look forward to going over these.” It was my first ever submission to anything like this, and I’m pretty nervous. :)

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