Vote in the British general erection

Image by Pete Woodhead.

Yes, you read that correctly. It’s voting time in the UK, and it looks like their electoral process needs a fluffer. My cheeky friends at LoveHoney UK are featuring their bestselling vibrating cockring (great for clitoral and electoral stimulation) as a super-special General Erection Love Ring for only 25p. But my source at LoveHoney tells me there’s a catch: you have to admit which of the party leaders you’d most like (or least dislike) to have sex with. When I got the email this morning it said, “Nick Clegg is miles ahead – he’s the leader of the smallest of the 3 main parties. He did best in TV leader’s debate last week, and now everyone wants to sleep with him.”

Now I see that as of this post, Clegg is only one vote ahead. So much for debates helping you score.

Please do your part, and vote for a well-hung Parliament. “Vote carefully, this one-night stand will last for 5 years.” (, thanks R!)

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  • How about which one I’d expect to have sex with me. Ha.
    What a been there done that theme but fun enough to draw folks in for a discount.