Great review of Seal It With A Kiss — now in Russian!

If I become too ‘stuck on repeat’ about my books here, please tell me; I think I’m extra bloggy about my new kissing book Seal It With A Kiss because a) I hadn’t written a book in a long time, and b) this book’s life after hitting print is kind of blowing my mind. For instance, it got picked up by Urban Outfitters who calls it “the kissing bible” and as you can see above, it’s already been translated into Russian. I’m amazed. This week, it got *another* stellar review on All Sex Reviews by Ann Andriani, who do not ever play favorites. The woman who wrote the review really pulled it apart — and had some great things to say. Phew! Here’s a snip from the middle:

(…) Favorite Bits

You’ll be taught some very pointed “Kissing Do’s and Don’ts” which are very valuable for the newbie kisser and a good reminder for those that have been in the game for a while.

Towards the end of the book, she explains a variety of kissing games. Some can be done with a group of people (I appreciate that) and others are just for you and your very special someone.

Violet Blue also shares what foods and drinks make you more kissable and the ones that don’t. (At least one of the don’ts was surprising to me.)

I also loved the part about caring for your mouth and lips; things like what to put on them for taste or smell or softness. When you’re that intimate with someone, the tiniest of details matter.

Most Valuable Bit

Things do not go smoothly during any kind of lovin’ and it’s those moments that many of us are unprepared for so I was very glad to see a section on most common “Kiss Catastrophes and Remedies” in Chapter 6. Whether you’re with a new lover or the ‘old ball and chain’, kissing can and will go wrong, but it doesn’t have to ruin everything. The tips that Violet Blue shares will help you and your partner to continue on with that sexy or romantic moment.(…read more,

Thanks for sharing in this one; I think you all helped me while I was writing it at this time last year. I’m currently on deadline writing another book that will hopefully be the breakthrough book for me. Thank you so much dear readers, for all your support.

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