On NPR’s All Things Considered: Sex and internet history

If you’re arriving after hearing/seeing NPR’s All Things Considered on sex and internet history, welcome! You might want to check out this fascinating timeline of sex and the internet, showing in depth a lot more of what we all talked about on the show. You didn’t? Then check out something I worked on for a few weeks, NPR’s Thank Sex For Making The Internet Hot. If you’re a new visitor interested in following my sex column Open Source Sex (mentioned in the feature), my column will no longer appear in the San Francisco Chronicle and will re-appear shortly in another venue. Please stay tuned. Otherwise, enjoy the wonderfully nerdy sexy images in this post by Flash developer Exey Panteleev who had also made video stop-motions of his other (non-erotic) photoshoots here. I’m a big fan: his photos on Flickr even include markup descriptions and tips!

“Put your content into DIVs not TABLEs.”

“Time is a new HTML5 tag that defines time or date, or both.”

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