Did anyone else think the Olympics were dirtier than usual?

I’ve had these in my tabs for a bit and just can’t let them go to waste… Plus I get to say, ‘and now for something completely different.’ Above we have a lovely image from Bestweekever.tv’s gallery of The 40 Most Sexual Photos From The Olympics, which we’re all glad someone else took the time to cap and collect for us. I got to witness and tweet this hilariously uncomfortably sexual moment on ice. If the sexual imagery was unintentional, then may the athletes forgive us, and we will rest pervily assured that Olympians were definitely being naughty in Vancouver when off the ice. I blogged previously about condoms being shipped in to meet demand, but no one anticipated that “Health officials well-versed in the needs of the world’s elite athletes had already provided 100,000 free condoms to 7,000 athletes and officials, which works out about 14 condoms per person.” Thanks to the Daily Mail, we also get to see the topless model who was also a curling star, boys behaving badly with their medals after hours, and porn viewing habits by athletes that were, well, probably nothing short of award-winning if the stories are true. It’s in The topless curler and the other Winter Olympic scandals: The gold medal for bad behaviour goes to… the Vancouver Olympics (dailymail.co.uk).

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