Topless sledding in Germany warms the…

Right or wrong, I knew that once I saw the censored gallery on HuffPo of the second annual German topless sledding event, that if I waited a minute many uncensored photos would surface and I could give you the chilly nekkid Olympian-esque post that you deserve. What I did not expect, and I should have, was that I would find a video to share with you as well. It’s like getting the gold when your moneyed competition slipped and broke their little toe on the ice and you’re not sure you actually deserve it, but you wear it like you own it anyway. The Sun has a way of making us all feel dirty like that. German coverage from The Local informs us that, “A naked sledging event in Germany’s Harz region created a logistical nightmare over the weekend after 14,000 people showed up to watch 30 men and women strip before sliding down the mountain.”

* Original topless sledding coverage in Germany’s The Local (gallery,
* The Sun’s highbrow commentary on babes and nips in the air (

Never mind The Sun; we’ve got video from DailyMotion:

And in an attempt to bring up the IQ of this post a bit, I highly recommend pairing our mindless boob ogling with this cute and funny XKCD Backyard Snow Tracking Guide, which features no German boobies but has a transmogrifier making it of equal, if not more, value.

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  • Rei

    I think that if women are going to show boobs, the guys need to show their cocks :)

  • In America, the sad truth is they’d be arrested for indecent exposure and required to register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives. All because someone 17.99 years of age might have seen boobies.

  • Jolly Sapper

    Everything is better when your half nekkid with a camera ductaped to your head. (20 second mark)