The thing is, if I had a penis I don’t think I’d stick it in a Cuisinart

But I’ll admit that the video by Kanojo Toys for the (Japanese) Ona Max Revolution Sex Machine ( is a must-see. Especially since I’m surprised it hasn’t been pulled from YT yet… But, wow.

Here’s another classic from Kanojo, sans testicle-dildo demo:

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  1. Don’t want to be a killjoy but I saw the Tengas at a recent trade show, the longer term use one’s might be okay but really does the world need more single use plastics? - – The ocean awaits –

    I was kind of shocked when the sales rep told me that part of the range is designed for single use – yep, one ejaculation, then throw it away.

  2. You only get about 50 uses out of that 2nd one. That’s like maybe 2mos.

    And @Elf, why do you hope that guys are thinking about a ‘girl’ when using the onahole? Why can’t they be thinking of a freaking car tail pipe if they want to? Just curious. (*goes to google to see if there is a web site dedicated to guys with car tail pipe fetishes*)

  3. The vast majority of male sextoys is insultingly pathetic, horrible and smutty design, horrible materials, the thought alone to use it for masturbation is apalling. Why isn’t here a larger market for nice looking, stylish, high quality sex toys for guys? Masturbation is a form of highly pleasurable entertainment, and I think it is about time it becomes a lifestyle choice as well. I want to have toys that have an appealing design, use high quality materials, gadgets for a rich sexual life. The Tenga toys are actually almost the only ones who got it right so far. We need more like this!

  4. I’ve always been disgusted by the term “onahole.” おな (“ona”) is literally “girl,” and while, yeah, that’s hopefully what guys who use the thing are thinking about, it still seems somehow dehumanizing. Americans seem to have done better with “Fleshlight.”

    At least the purchasers of RealDolls are fantasizing about the whole woman.

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