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If you’re not familiar with danae whispering, she’s a self-identified female sexual submissive who has been blogging about her sexual adventures, views, and general experiences as a former escort who has a pretty regular life (packed with interesting observations, giver her point of view) for almost ten years. I recently discovered danae’s exquisite tumbleblog, “kinda like a blog but with short-form, mixed-media posts with stuff I like.” What I like about it, besides the fantastic curation of sexually explicit images (with a strong accent on female submission, of course), is that whenever possible danae credits the photo source. That’s really important to me. But that’s always a ridiculous hope with Tumblr blogs… Which is why I seldom post about them. This one’s exceptional. I notice a recent spate of images from Princess Donna‘s Public Disgrace and Sex & Submission, but other than that, the blog is a long song of all kinds of explicit erotic photo art. Very beautiful, and often romantic, choices. Peppered with the occasional quote, like this:

“I don’t want a name. I’m better off with a grunt or a groan.”
Last Tango In Paris

Above image is via fetish4.

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