The “last word” on pro-life cupcakes

Image by Justin Hyte.

It’s really exciting to see on Twitter that my column this week has been hailed by Clinic Escort as “the last word” on this topic and is being ‘re-tweeted’ around the twitterverse. Neat. It might make you angry to red ad, but it’s got levity, new stats on abortion worldwide (disturbing), yet great uplifting quotes from the mastermind of worldwide phenom Cupcake Camp (Ariel Waldman) and cupcake blogger extraordinaire Rachel Kramer Bussel. Here’s a snip from Pro-Life Cupcakes? Violet Blue: Keep your morals off our sexy sweets:

The video on Cupcakes for Life’s Web site (sorry, you’re just going to have to Google it) set my Cupcake Terror Alert to BUTTERCREAM HIGH in seconds.

It wasn’t just that it was a man telling me to make pro-life cupcakes and give them to children. Nor that the sweet, innocent little cakes were finished with cursive slogans like “Murder” on them.

It was when the fetus-brained “gentleman” broke an egg to make the cupcake batter.

However you feel about the cupcake meme — tired of it, inspired by it, built a community around it — you have to just let cupcakes be cupcakes. They’re delicious, cute, and yes, they’re sexy. Tokens of anti-abortion sentiment, as preached by Cupcakes For Life, they’re not. At CFL, they want to frost Cupcakes for Life Day and shove it down kids’ throats, literally. Their brilliant plan states:

Imagine ten students from every school in the U.S. baking 50 cupcakes and bringing them to school in the name of “LIFE” on the same day! Imagine that every one of these students is on a mission to promote the idea that every person should have the right to be born and have a birthday. Imagine the impact of students telling other students the facts about abortion. Imagine students starting to actively campaign against abortion in elementary, high schools, and colleges all across America!

And ultimately … imagine a nation where every child is allowed to have a birthday.

I can imagine a nation where every woman has the right to choose, where kids aren’t brainwashed with sweets about human sexuality, and where cupcakes don’t fall into the wrong hands. (…read more,

* Much love to dotBen for making me able to laugh at Cupcakes For Life.

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  1. CFL challenges my prior belief that cupcakes are always a good thing… I don’t understand how you can deal with all of the needless hate and stupidity that shows up in the comments on that article (and probably others). You’re a pretty ballsey lady, if I may say so.

  2. I gotta admit, that’s pretty good. It’s got all the hallmarks of a professional ad campaign, and I’m sure that’s exactly how it was conceived and planned, albeit by third-rate talent.

    And now, I’m going to go see what happens when you bake a condom into a cupcake…

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