Susan Sarandon’s daughter and Special Agent Mulder

This is a scene from last night’s Californication. David Duchovny, come back to us. Bring that INSANELY hot girl with you. San Francisco has enough Prosecco and stripper poles for all three of us. I’m a sex writer; leave LA do some research already. Screw that ‘sex addict’ cover story for your beard. You know the truth is up here — and in all that bodacious magic my future ex-girlfriend Eva Amuri is graciously sharing in your scene. (via WWTDD)

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  1. Sorry babe, but I’d climb over you and David to get first dibs on sucking the strap-ons of that mother-daughter tag team.

    You can be her sloppy seconds.

    Apparently, mama was more than cool with it too.

  2. Just let me know when you break up so I can catch her on the rebound. She’ll be looking for a nice non-celebrity girl to mend her broken heart. (wow, that sounded really creepy…but damn!)

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