Like the slick new design?

Image of model Sophie King by Wolfgang Parker.

Night before last, we were up until at least 3am giving Tiny Nibbles a fabulous makeover. Many new features have been added and more are on the way. This upgrade is posh inside and swanky outside; I’ll be fluffing it up here and there as the days go by.

I’ve been getting a lot of compliments about it in Facebook, on my Twitter, my inbox, and in various post comments here. It’s a dream to work with and to look at. I hope you love it as much as I do. Thank you, Ben!

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  1. Reads well on my Mac, design is very nice Violet – congrats. Pale grey goes well with flesh tones! I do think the Tiny Nibbles aspect of the site is a little subdued, even though it is up there in the URL, there’s not much that says Tiny Nibbles elsewhere – just a thought. :)


  2. I am viewing this on a older MacBook and it is not rendering correctly. The top banner is over too far to the right and extending past the boarder about a inch .

    The pictures to the right of your picture in too far left or your photo is too far right and overlapping onto your photo.

    Your photo need to be moved to the left some to line up with the left center boarder or resized, that could be throwing thing off in the center section, but not the top banner through.

    Just want to let you know what I am observing on my end.

    Other than those issues I like the new look, also this is in my Top Sites as well, since I am a fan of your work.

    I am running 10.5.8 and have all the current updates if this will help.

  3. Love the new design but the alignment of the pictures is off for me in Firefox on a mac.
    The inner frame (the whole light purple area) seems to have shrunk, so that all the pictures get cut off on the side. But it’s just fine in Safari.

  4. Many shouts to Ben and the work he’s done to the site – it rocks!!

    V —
    Been a long time follower / listener / reader and just wanted to say that your green eyes on the front page STILL slay me…………I am smitten.

    El Guappo —

  5. Violet,
    I love your work and your website before and after.
    This new design is great, I hope it is as great on mobile view too.
    I am a fan of yours in the DC area. I read on one of your blogs that you were headed to the nation’s capital and would be geeked if I were to see you amongst the tourist on the Nation Mall or anywhere thereof. Keep on doing Violet and keep me excited. Your podcast are fantastic Ms. Blue.

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