Health care reform requires balls, apparently

Silly and fun: the video looks like it was a blast to make — friend Liam Kyle Sullivan — known and loved by all as that betch Kelly — has a new video underscoring the fact that in order for us to get health care reform in the US, someone’s gonna have to “grow some.” Balls, that is. Or in this case, in Liam Show‘s new video, just open wide and put some Balls [Beer] in those lobbyists’ mouths.

Personally, I’d prefer to be seen kickin’ it on the porch with some betch beer. If it existed.

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  1. That was fantastic, thanks for sharing. I’m constantly going back and forth in my thoughts about the prospect of Dems getting the “right thing” done without the help of the dark side but then my 6-year-old self rears its head and thoughts of fairness invade. What would I think if those conservative f’ers had gotten to the magic 60 in the Senate in the mid 90’s (they had the majority for a long time!)? Good by Roe, hello universal concealed weapons, who knows what else? But, I love the thought that this video portrays – I just wish we would do it sometimes.

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