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We miss Lorelei Lee here in San Francisco like you wouldn’t believe — we were all excited for her move to NY for grad school (and some even benefited from her pre-move giveaways). But she left lots of love, friends and adoring fans here. Still, I’ll never forget the first time I heard her read her own original writing at a reading I did at Femina Potens a year ago: as a writer I was floored, really impressed with the style, voice, mood and sheer talent shining out of her writing. And she’s a great reader. Of course I told her I loved her piece and to please write more, please. She was already planning it of course, but still, when you edit writers as much as I do and you find sharp talent, you *have* to tell them. Anyway, I’m excited to see what she’ll do next. Right now, she’s in grad school. But here’s an article and video that itself is poorly written and annoyingly sensationalistic (like, “skin flicks” — do people really still call porn that!?) It’s got a lame anti-porn undercurrent as well — shame on you, Daily News staff writers, you just look out of step. But still, the article and video interview lets you know what she’s up to:

One of NYU’S newest grad students is better known for her XXX-tra curricular activities. When she’s not in class, porn star Lorelei Lee jets to the West Coast to film skin flicks with some of the biggest names in the industry. It’s a lifestyle Lee, 28, knows well.

The busty blond has been working in porn and juggling life as a student for nearly 10 years. “It’s not weird anymore,” said Lee, a first-year student pursuing a master’s in fine arts. “I’ve just been doing this for so long.”

Still, the Buffalo native doesn’t spend much time with classmates. She fears even a question as simple as, ‘How was your weekend,’ could lead to some hairy conversations. Though she may not know it, Lee’s classmates are big fans – of her decision to pursue a master’s.

“It’s wonderful,” said Ayesha Attah, 25, of Brooklyn. “Whatever experience you can draw on, you should. Hers is amazing.” (…more, nydailynews.com)

* Lorelei’s also cute in this video we did for Margaret Cho and Jill Sobule.

Update: NYU Local does a much more interesting and cool story about Lorelei in grad school here. (And yay for using my CC licensed photo!)

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  1. Oh and…

    The comments section on the article is already a joke. Give clueless asshats a platform to spew from…

    And it’s sad, because Lorelei’s clearly so much more intelligent than these people that want to hate on her.

    Not that we haven’t seen that same sort of thing in another website comments thread… XD

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