A shamelessly gothy moment

I just discovered Gothic Charm School. I might be busy for a while. Her book “Gothic Charm School: An Essential Guide for Goths and Those Who Love Them” is fabulous; I bought a copy last night to get myself in the Halloween mood. Well, more than every other day of the year, that is…

Images in this post are by super-talented Italian artist Gianluca Mattia. His site is much fun; you can buy prints of his artwork really cheap. (For now — remember what happened with John John Jesse and beloved Michael Hussar? OMG I wanted “Cherry Pie” SO BAD.) Mattia’s also a GelaSkins artist (yay GelaSkins!) and has an iPhone mobile gallery app. I think I really want a pinup tattoo by Mattia.

Me, I just got an HTC Hero (Android). It’s like the phone from the future of outer space. And I’m breaking up with everyone else.

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