For the record

This is not some obscure sex blog.

Who has unashamedly, happily (even proudly) linked to Tiny Nibbles from a mainstream site? Sex sites aside, here is a list that shows who has linked to – and why anyone who says they must obfuscate linking to my website for whatever (read: moral) reasons are no longer part of the modern media mindset regarding web standards:

Forbes, CNN, Google Inc. (as a 2x Tech Talk speaker), Web MD, MSNBC, cNet, ZDnet, Globe and Mail, RH Reality Check (UN sponsored health news outlet), BBC, New York Times, SF Chronicle/SF Gate, Gawker, Wonkette, Defamer, Gizmodo, (YES) Boing Boing, Laughing Squid, Oprah, ETech (proudly on the front page with photo), Wall Street Journal (same), South By Southwest (interactive and film), Mediabistro, Adrants, LA SF and Gothamist, Technorati (with photo, remember them?), Wired (many times), American weeklies like Villiage Voice + SF Bay Guardian + Seattle’s Stranger + LA Weekly + SF Weekly, LA Times, Webnation, Chicago Tribune, SJ Mercury News, The Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, Attack of the Show, Newsweek, PBS Mediashift, CBS Healthwatch, National Public Radio (NPR), CJR (Columbia Journalism Review)… and more second tier news/media outlets. Links are available upon request.

These people have all, and currently from the features, speaking engagements and media items, all link to this website. I’ve kept quiet about these bragging rights. But times have changed. Don’t tell me it’s an issue to link here, or show that you do. If so — you’re clearly not paying attention. And old media is leaving you in the dust.

Get over it, and welcome to global consciousness about human sexuality.

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