It’s SXSWi panel voting time!

Image by malecution.

It’s not until next year, but the voting opened for panels at South By SouthWest Interactive 2010. There are a good number of sex and porn panels up for votes, though I’m not in them! I’m excited to ask you for a vote on our panel (which includes Twitter’s John Adams), How To Not Be A Douchebag at SXSW, being orchestrated and brought together by my dear friend and colleague Ed Hunsinger, who explains the panel nicely. If we get voted in, we’re going to have a *lot* of fun. The sex/porn panels I voted for include Jay Kopita’s “Not Your Mama’s Porn: Web 2.0 and Women” because it looks cool and “Bumpin’ Up: Has The Glass Ceiling Ever Smacked You In The Butt?” because I hope their panel makes it so I have at least one good argument to look forward to.

How to not be a douche at SXSW #1: Do not create a vanity panel that is all about yourgreatself and promoting your personal brand and ask people to vote on it. It looks douchey. That’s what Core Conversations are for.

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