George Clooney’s new girlfriend is hot and we are not surprised

Image of Elisabetta Canalis by Ms.KaT0.

Lux’s post directed my attention to Mr. Hotter As He Gets Older, George Clooney’s newest girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis — and her sexiness, to me, makes him seem ever more alluring. And she’s seriously drop-dead gorgeous. Lux has this collection of a few topless pics, but Ms. Canalis is a pinup model all over the net — a quick Flickr search (with Safe Search off) will yield hours a few concentrated and satisfying moments of enjoyment and envy. And inspiration.

::drool = girl crush::

Image of Canalis by austhorpewhite.

Image of Canalis by gattopalla.

Image of Canalis by nuj2006_ph.

Image of Canalis by nuj2006_ph.

Image of Canalis by Yag Bar.

Image of Canalis by m_alyan2000.

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