That Chinese sex-ed theme park – NOT

Image of my pal Katie West by Chad Michael Ward (also here).

Over the weekend I was in 16 hours of sex ed classes and went to an incredible adult art event (post and more forthcoming), but a number of people emailed me links on saturday about a Chinese sex ed theme park. As it turns out, that was exactly when the park was being demolished by local officials. In the freshest link I just got from author Saskia Walker, today Chinese officials decided to destroy the park just as it was beginning to be built (“Love Land” was due to open in October). What a shame. Read more in BBC Asia-Pacific’s China sex theme park demolished ( and China Daily:

“Sex education and harmonious sex” were the aim of the project, park manager Lu Xiaoqing said earlier, but the Chongqing government thought otherwise.

Sex-theme park closed prematurely Sex theme park prepares to open
“Vulgar, ill-minded and misleading” was the official reaction on the park, which was slated for an October opening.

Visitors have taken jaw-dropping pictures of sculptures of naked men and women. The park also featured a giant replica genital on a wall and an exhibition on the history of sex as well as sex technique workshops.

Academics are not surprised at the park’s fall. Professor Xia Xueluan, a sociology expert at Peking University, said: “Sex is a matter of privacy. It is not for publicity.” (China Daily,

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