Porn’s neu wave invaded my house Friday night

The totally fucking awesome Kim Kane, who brought her own utensils to my kitchen (photo by me).

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On friday I got a couple of emails from Jiz Lee and Courtney Trouble saying that their planned location for a porn shoot had fallen through at the last minute, and could they use my living room? As if I’d say no. But to sweeten the deal, they told me I’d not only be able to hang out and take photos but that it was okay to blog the experience — plus, I told them, I had a few friends who were going to be hanging out with me that night, and they said that it was cool for my friends to be there too. Bonus! Especially because not only did I get to meet and hang out with Kim Kane for hours, but I also got to see and spend a little time with two of my favorite people Carlos Batts and April Flores. Meeting Courtney Trouble in person (finally) was great, and much to my delight, Syd Blakovich stopped in and shot stills of the action. No, none of us non-porn people were in the room for the sex, nor did we see much, but I handed my camera off to Syd and got a lot of great shots from someone who was ‘in the thick’ of things, quite literally.

Glamor that transcends time: April Flores (photo by me).

Syd Blakovich looking hot, as ever (photo by me).

It was a GREAT friday night.

You probably wonder what it’s like to have a spontaneous porn shoot land in your apartment. I was wondering the same thing. Also big on my mind was that the friends I was hanging out with that night are from the tech world, not the sex ed or alt/neu wave porn circles so there was a bit of anxiety on my part about mingling the worlds, like a sociological Venn-ish experiment. I’ve also not been on many porn sets, the few I’ve been around have not been “typical” porn by any means. Truth is, I’ve watched a ton of porn, interviewed dozens of performers, but seen little porn filming. Although, I do have seasonal parties at my house — the Blogger Bungalow (named due to the sheer volume of posts and lengthy/surprising list of major blogs that have posted while on premises, plus the blogger-name-recognition gamut who have enjoyed many fun evenings here). And at my parties, I like to try and mix all the crowds. This time, like all other times, it turned out great. Hacker boys (imported from Britain, even) cracked jokes with porn stars, filmmakers nerded out with architecture geeks, and I generally tried not to take upskirt photos of everyone.

Mostly me and the hackers and nerds hung out in the kitchen and living room while people had sex in my bed and we got shushed for making jokes a lot. It was all rather casual, actually.

Creative genius plus beauty: Carlos Batts and April Flores (photo by me).

But it was really cool to see Carlos Batts go completely ‘in the zone’ to transform my apartment into a film set and bring scenes to life; in between shooting scenes everyone had drinks around my kitchen table, ate Thai food from the Castro and chatted about everything from gadgets to… other gadgets. And did I mention how smart, sweet and nice Kim is? That April is ten thousand times more adorable in person than you can imagine and has the best giggle ever? Carlos is just warm and intense and feels good to be around, and Courtney just bubbles with excitement about making hot pr0n. Syd was in usual awesome dry humor mode (plus: hott++) — and Syd only, ever, exclusively drinks from Laughing Squid mugs, as it should be.

Syd and I go meta (photo by me).

The photos I shot from the night that are featured in this post are linked to a moderated Flickr set, but if you want to see the entire *very explicit* and incredibly fun photo set, go here. It was all girl-girl, and I think four girls fucked each other in my bed.

I now have a love-hate relationship with my own bed. It is a very lucky bed. Remember the New Years’ incident? That damn bed gets way more action than I do, and I never seem to be in the room when it happens. Even my laptop was in a scene. The one I’m writing this post on.

As one of my non-porn friends night said that evening, “Everyone wants to be a piece of Violet’s furniture.”

Photos by Syd Blakovich with my lucky Lumix, a taste:




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  1. Wow! Um, yes, it looks to me that four girls fucked in your bed. Will we be seeing your famous bed in some world book of records some day? Wow! Sorry, I already said that didn’t I? Very cool, indeed. Nope, scratch that, very hot. Thanks for sharing, VB.

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