Wrong buns



Tonight I took Lori and Scott to NOPA for food. I almost live there and they put up with me, even though I don’t fit in. It was incredible, as usual. It’s *all* about the staff and insanely good food and drinks; just ignore the Chestnut Street effect. I like to watch the yuppie dudes check me out surreptitiously while I drink alone waiting for friends or a date and then they pretend not to be looking at my tattoos or shiny shiny boots of black leather.

The staff there is like 80% hotness. I don’t just go there for the food. But tonight I ordered a burger with no bun because I ate too much already and hate wasting food. They sent me the bun on the side: pure snark. I had it wrapped to go. Now I’m sending the bun back, in my own way. Just a point: don’t flirt with a sex blogger who used to work foodservice unless you want a very unusual Google ranking (spanking). Check the tags. I’ll be back :)


The rest is here (just a couple more).

Update: from linecook in the kitchen:

From Scott Beale, across the table:

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