San Francisco by Jill Sobule (and Margaret Cho)

It’s finally out! Remember a while back when Margaret Cho invaded my house and shot a music video with me? Now San Francisco by Jill Sobule is live (above), and it includes not only Jill Sobule and Margaret Cho and me, but also Peter Acworth, Princess Donna, Lorelei Lee, Stephen Elliott and many, many more amazing people. Margaret told me they tried to edit it to look like Peter and I are singing to each other (!), but you just have to *love* seeing him dressed like a king singing from the top of The Armory. San Francisco, I adore you.

And Margaret — I love you, too. I hope she feels better soon, and can make it to SF to host the GayVN’s tomorrow, which I’ll be covering for… someone.

Scott also blogged this on Laughing Squid — thank you, Scott!

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