Still hot: Rose McGowan, naked on a haystack

She’s still hot, even if she doesn’t have a machine gun leg in real life. I love the selfmade cleavage in this shot; it makes up for the overall tease. Makes me wish I was her left hand, like really a lot. I would be a very happy left hand of Rose McGowan. See the giant version of this image I found today at New Film Dimension. Anyone remember when she walked the red carpet for the Grindhouse premiere for the MTV Awards pretty much naked in 2007 1998 (

Update: See reader corrections, making Rose officially over a decade of *still hot*. Thank you, readers!

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  1. yes, I’ll make a correction — however, in my defense, half the Internet has these photos labeled for the Grindhouse premiere. but this is when she was engaged to Marilyn Manson, seen as her date in the background… over ten years ago! so, yeah, still hot. even with both her legs, after a decade.

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