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* Fight Club Porn: Violet Blue goes a round in the ring with the star of groundbreaking film, “Champion: Love Hurts” (San Francisco Chronicle;

* Syd was sekritly in my bed with her hot luv Jiz and KumiMonster, NYE — namaste, motherfuckers.

* See also — exclusive (very) explicit gallery: “Champion”.

In one of my earliest Open Source Sex columns, I introduced you to local, queer, women-run porn company Pink and White Productions, who were primed like evil gay masterminds to conquer the world with their superlative films. Since then, director Shine Louise Houston wasn’t exactly stroking a white fluffy cat while hot boi minions programmed the dyke robot army with the gay (porn) agenda that keeps the red states blushing. She’s actually been raking in the film awards. But in her newest film, “Champion: Love Hurts” she’s outdone herself, and porn: we see the vision of mainstream indie cinema combine with explicit, authentic queer porn to merge with an integrity and fierceness that makes straight porn look… as exciting as watching lube dry.

I watch a lot of porn for my job, and I can tell you no one — no one — is doing what Houston has with a porn film like “Champion”. It’s a film about fighting, feeling, and, of course, fucking. Syd Blakovich (, site not work safe) portrays Jessie Eaton, a cold, womanizing MMA fighter (Mixed Martial Arts, also known as “Cage Fighting”) who’s never lost a round in the ring. But her life outside the ring implodes when a series of events show her she’s lost the ability to tell the difference between being a must-win fight machine (and fuck machine), and the vital connection of sex — with love.

The film is packed with hot, raging queer sex and scorching, authentic orgasms — the heart-pounding scene with Madison Young and thigh-clenching solo by Jiz Lee (, images within site not safe for work) are unforgettable — and it’s also filled with intense fight scenes. Big strap-ons, and flying fists. Blakovich’s real-life lover Jiz Lee plays Cathy Summers, the girl in love with the fighter whose heart is on the line, adding a twist of serious heat to the deep sex scenes they share. Meanwhile, Blakovich’s promoter insists that Blakovich look and act “less gay” — even forcing the butch fighter to do a photo shoot in a dress, makeup and heels to try and win mainstream acceptance, twisted by the threat of a thrown fight at the film’s apex.

Sound complex for a porno? You don’t know that half of it: as it turns out, I had a moment to chat with Blakovich about her real life, where she’s a world-touring champion cage fighter (and lesbian/genderqueer porn star). She told me that being told to look and act “less gay” isn’t just a plot point, explaining “In my own fighting career, I was initially asked by my manager to keep the queer porn under wraps because a lot of the MMA circuit is run by pretty conservative and homophobic people, but we both soon realized that in this day in age with the internet that really isn’t possible. So now, I am pretty out about it all.”

Blakovich started fighting professional MMA about a year ago. (…read all and see more images,

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