Spend New Year’s with us!

The irrepressible and utterly gorgeous KumiMonster, tonight’s co-hostess.

Like last New Year’s (laughingsquid.com) I’m having a private party — if I didn’t get you on the list, or you’re too far away you can still spend it with me, and with us.

This year was rough for almost everyone. We won, we lost, we survived, we touched one another, we grew and we got hope that we needed oh so badly. Thank you for finding me, writing me, sending me things that made me feel less alone. Thank you for listening, reading, watching, critiquing, teasing, opening up, or just lurking and enjoying. In 2009, I know we’re going to make something good in our lives and the lives of others, and make it last.

For my party tonight I hired on Craiglslist and Twitter for a “house greeter / attendant / flirt” and the winning applicant was — amazingly — KumiMonster. She’ll be greeting guests, attending, and… being Kumi. I’m excited to meet her; she’s on the cover of my Fetish Sex book, after all!

* We will all be (randomly, out of my control) liveblogging the party at http://bloggerbungalow.wordpress.com/ (Blogger Bungalow, my official house blog).

* Eye-Fi will be up and running in my “party favor” camera, being passed around the room: the party’s LIVE photostream is at http://www.flickr.com/photos/bloggerbungalow/. This stream will be monitored, so make sure your “safe” filters are off.

* My laptop will be livecam enabled, and guests will press “record” to film a 12-second moment or New Year’s resolution, which will instantly post to my 12 Seconds channel at http://12seconds.tv/channel/violet and also to my personal Twitter stream, hopefully not annoying the hell out of my followers. (Update: also re Twitter, it’s #vbnye09)

* RSS feed for all of tonght’s media, via Yahoo Pipes (let’s hope this works and isn’t a noise-fest) is: http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.info?_id=hsskdZnX3RGWdCjy1JzWFw

Finally, a HUGE thank you to Good Vibrations who donated *incredible* party favors for all my guests — Good Vibes still loves us :) The party is also sponsored by a private donor at the U.S. Metric Association. Thank you.

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