Everyone is registered for Macworld, right?

If you’re not, I heard they’ll get all Instuctables on your ass (instructables.com).

Update: Scott just Twittered that this will officially be the last Apple Macworld. Whoa. I better get a date for the MacHeads screening! Oh, and here’s my formula: Phase 1: make paddle. Phase 2: find Steve Jobs. Phase 3: ??? Phase 4: profit.

If not, I may have to swap out Phase 2 for Fake Steve Jobs. He’s got more junk in the trunk, know what I mean?

Update 2: Apple has now also officially canceled Christmas. Thanks, Ariel. No really — thanks.

Update 3: As I was informed by Jim in the comments, and it’s now all over the interwebs — Steve Jobs has pulled out of giving the keynote for this year’s Macworld. Fingers are already being pointed in my direction, “So is this the last of the Macworld expo as well since Apple won’t be there? I guess Violet Blue really ****ed off Steve Jobs last year.” (neowin.net)

Look, what happened between me and Steve Jobs — I’m past it, really. He should be too. And I… I only shared my reflections about our time together with… the readers of the SF Chronicle. No big deal. And now I hear that the keynote will be given by Philip Schiller. I remember him quite well, thank you very much. Schiller. I mean OMG — like, doesn’t anyone remember what happened in that movie Carrie!? Don’t look at me when everyone starts shouting at the stage, “plug it up!”

Update 4: Okay, this is getting silly. 10 reasons why Apple pulled out of Macworld Expo…. (and I’m one of them), and I’m also blamed in the comments over at Fortune/CNN (apple20.blogs.fortune.cnn.com). I did a Flickr screengrab explaining that it’s really not my fault, and the comments are growing…

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